Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops


Held a few times a year, dependant on interest/minimum numbers, over 1 whole day on a weekend you will discover your dosha and learn the basics of Ayurvedic nutritional principals and cooking methods. You will participate in making healthy tridoshic snacks, drinks and lunch for the day. Learn to make some simple, yet nourishing and easily digested meals, Ayurvedic ghee and the three doshic spice mixes.

All ingredients included and you take home Ayurvedic nutritional guidelines, a recipe booklet, a jar of ghee and packet of spice mix.                                                   

Food and Lifestyle Workshops


Held a few times a year, dependant on interest/numbers, over 1 whole day on a weekend you will have an introduction to Ayurvedic lifestyle principles, discover your prakruthi and learn about Dincharya, or the most compatible daily routine designed to keep your dosha in balance and align your body with nature’s cycles in order to enhance your physical and emotional health and wellness.

Includes Workbook/manual complete with doshic guidelines and detailed instructions.

Reiki Workshops

  • Reiki Level 1 workshop –(incl manual, morning and afternoon tea)                        $185.00
  • Reiki Level 2 workshop – (incl manual, morning and afternoon tea)                       $185.00
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Level – (incl 3-4 mentoring and education sessions, manual and master/teacher attunement session)                              $275.00

Reiki workshops are held only a few times a year, dependent on minimum numbers. All Levels include the relevant handbook. Levels 1 and 2 are held on a weekend and include morning and afternoon tea. Master/Teacher Level is over a series of one on one mentoring and education sessions, explained in detail after completion of Level 2.

If you are interested in participating in a workshop please register your interest with me.

For information about dates or to register your interest in attending one of these workshops please contact me