Treatment – 90 mins


Initial Consult and Treatment – 3 hours $200.00

Follow-Up Consult and Treatment – 2 hours $150.00

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If any particular treatment outlined below resonates with you and is not listed in your Treatment Plan, please feel comfortable in discussing with me the possibility of including it in your plan.

Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapies

Ayurvedic therapeutic bodywork treatments are traditional physical applications that are tailored to a person’s individual needs. Most entail the use of specialized medicated oils , Ayurvedic techniques, herbs and methods to massage, stimulate releases and relaxation, rejuvenate, restore function, clear and balance the body’s systems, from the muscles to the mind, the meridians to Pranic life force and even the GIT.

  • Marma Therapy – Marmas are 107 sensitive junction points on the body where there can be one or more things such as veins, arteries, tendons, bones, joints meridians, doshas, subtle essences, the Gunas or energies meeting. They are energy centres that distribute Prana (vital life force energy) throughout the body. In marma therapy one or more of these sites is gently stimulated in specific ways and/or sequences to clear, balance, activate and reenergize, generating positive events for relaxation, to give strength and assist in healing mental and emotional imbalances, as well as helping to treat physical ailments, symptoms and discomfort.
  • Full Body Abhyanga – Using warmed medicated oils and specific Ayurvedic techniques this massage is known for moving and releasing toxins and stagnant energy that has become stuck in the body, strengthening and nourishing the tissues, easing pain, tension and stress, stimulating relaxation and subtle mood changes that assist in bringing aggravated dosha’s back to balance
  • Kati Basti – This is a very relaxing and soothing treatment where warm medicated oil is gently pooled inside a dough ring positioned on to the lumbar region of your back. The oil rests a few minutes, allowing it to penetrate deep into the tissues and is replaced in a repeated process from 20 to 40 minutes. The treatment is then finished with a back massage. Traditionally used for lower back and hip problems, reproductive and menstrual difficulties/pain as well as constipation and lower digestive issues.
  • Shirodhara (+$50 for medicated oil used for 3 treatments) – A beautiful and deeply meditative treatment where warmed medicated oil is poured in a fine, continuous stream over your forehead and third eye. Traditionally used to treat pain, stress, insomnia and tension, this method clears subtle energy channels and stimulates the brain to release chemicals that calm and relax both mind and body. Consists of three sessions during one week of 60, 70 and 90 mins and includes medicated oil used over all three sessions.
  • Udvartanam – Powders of grains or legumes, aromatic and therapeutic herbs are blended together, warmed and using long, fast  strokes are massaged all over the body. The friction created warms the tissues of the body, opens the pores, leaving your skin feeling soft smooth and silky and stimulates the blood vessels, and lymphatic system to remove blockages and assist in fat metabolism.
  • Nasya – Depending on your need, a few drops of warmed medicated oil, decoction or ghee are delivered into the nasal cavity following an Ayurvedic head, neck, shoulder and face massage. Traditionally used for treating sinusitis, nasal congestion, hay fever, pain and tension in the face, head and neck and some emotional/psychological conditions
  • Netra Basti – A specialty eye treatment that washes the eye with medicated oil or ghee and is finished with a lovely head and face massage. Traditionally used to relieve poor eyesight, blurriness, pain, tension, and fatigue trapped in the eyes. It can enhance the colour and lustre of the eyes, smooth wrinkles, nourish the nervous system and promote contentment.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a nationally accredited, evidence based energy therapy, developed in the 1980’s by Janet Mentgen, a Registered Nurse from the USA, where light or off-body touch is applied during Heart centred interventions using one or more techniques specially selected for a person’s current needs. It activates, rejuvenates and brings balance to the natural energy flow within and beyond the physical body of the individual, clears energetic blockages, facilitates a deep sense of calm, relaxation and mental clarity to enhance and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.

Healing touch complements the main stream health care system and is used extensively in the USA in the nursing profession. In Australia, it is offered in private practitioner clinics and in some nursing settings. Research and anecdotal evidence has shown that Healing Touch reduces pain, reduces anxiety, enhances recovery and improves mobility after surgery, strengthens the immune system, reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain, provides support and relief during any of life’s transitional processes, including significant life events, personal/spiritual growth, terminal illness treatments, palliative care and death.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences are a very special vibrational and energetic healing system that was channelled through and created by Ian White, who is a Naturopath and fifth generation herbalist, who lives near Sydney in NSW.

They work on a subtle level to help treat and heal emotional imbalances that can be a result of the demands and stresses of modern living and may also assist in producing positive outcomes of physical symptoms where ailments have a link to emotional root causes. They can be prescribed for all sorts of problems from sleeping difficulties to sunburn, can be taken leading up to and after surgeries and for shocks and accidents, and much more.

They are a beautiful range of 69 single Flower Essences that can be taken alone or in small combinations to work on your own unique issues. There are more than 25 Combination essences or remedies, designed to target some more specific yet common concerns. And there are some Higher Energy, speciality essences and ranges that work on a deeper, more transcendent level that Ian created at some of the world’s most spiritual places.

The ABFE are all natural, have no interactions with medications or have any adverse effects and so are safe to use on the whole family, including babies, children and pets.


Reiki is a holistic energy therapy, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan over 100 years ago, intended to stimulate a person’s own healing potential, bring harmony, stability and raise spiritual vibration. This beautiful subtle energy system works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to gently clear components that are contributing to dis-ease and discomfort within the mind and body and to revive and re energise, bringing about relaxation, healing and balance.

Reiki is practiced throughout the world and is non-invasive, administered with soft or just off body touch. It can be a stand alone treatment or used in conjunction with other medical interventions.