Consultations and Coaching

Many Wisdom traditions acknowledge that there are Five Great Elements, known in Ayurveda as Panchamahabuta’s. They are Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space or Ether and these elements are present in everything in varying degrees to give everything its unique form and make up.

So too, in every single person, each of these elements is present in varying degrees to give you your own unique form and make up. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all”. Each and every one of you is a unique individual. There is no one else like you, and therefore, your wellness and your illness is entirely individual to you too.

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Depending on your needs, when you come for your treatment sessions each treatment may consist of one or a combination any or all of the modalities I practice, including:

  • Ayurvedic herbal combinations and preparations
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies
  • Ayurvedic therapeutic bodywork treatments, including but not limited to Marma therapy, Shirodhara and Abhyanga.
  • Energetic bodywork treatments, including Reiki and Healing Touch.

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I truly love sharing my knowledge and experience with others and I am always honoured to be given the opportunity to inform, support and guide you as you are becoming the master of your own journey.

I have created a few small but detailed workshops packed with information, techniques and tips to help you discover more about yourself, introduce you to

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Tarra Lee

Let me hold space for you to awaken your own healing potential.